Saturday, September 18, 2010

General Information about our Retreat!!!

Welcome to our website of our beautiful Retreat Center located right off of I-20 in the city of North Augusta SC. This Retreat was started by Dr. Eddie West with a vision for ministering mainly to hurting Pastors and Wives.
The Bible declares,"Where there is no vision, the people throw off all restraint". This means they begin to perish, and oh how that is happening in the church today. And this is why so many pastors are leaving the ministry. So God has called us here at this facility to minister to the minister, so they can fulfill God's plan for their ministry as well.

Mission Statement:

To develop a Sanctuary mainly ministering to Pastors and their Wives along with any other Christian-in-crisis. Our objective is to do this debt-free so that people may be able to come here for the lowest possible cost. Having already ministered to many since our inception in February 2005, we want to continue to enlarge so we can reach many more believers. The Retreat Lodge and Conference Center is available for churches for marriage retreats, music weeks, conferences, staff retreats, deacon training, as well as to individuals who need help spiritually. And with so much to do in the Augusta area, the home of the Masters, it is a perfect place for Christian families. Our greatest goal is to glorify God in everything we have to offer!!!

Retreat Lodge
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Dr. Eddie West Founder
Cell: 803-640-5777
Dr. Bill Eckles Manager/Representative/Evangelist
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Nancy Gee Coordinator/Representative
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